Picture of Maude Downey smiling, wearing a blue shirt, in front of a tree.

Welcome to Maude Downey Consulting


Contribute to the health of populations and the environment through endeavours that are evidence-based, ethical and compassionate.


Motivate, influence and enable social and behavioural change. Potentiate actions of others through well-developed resources.

A knowledgeable collaborator . . .

I bring a broad awareness of the determinants of health and the effects of illness on individuals and groups. I suggest strategies based on theory and sound evidence, taking into consideration relevant contexts (ethical, political, scientific, socio-cultural and economic).
I incorporate a very complex set of techniques which respond to an equally complex set of considerations regarding the target reader and task.
My 12 years as an RN in a wide range of patient care areas have contributed to my broad insight into health risks, behaviours and outcomes.

With a useful package of competencies . . .

  • I manage large projects with multi-author input, from conception to production.
  • I have excellent organizational and technical skills.
  • I anticipate issues and plan for contingencies.
Project ConceptionI advise on content and best media taking into consideration message, target audience, budget, timeframe etc. I ensure the widest target audience is considered.
ResearchI research for evidence-based content, and conduct literature reviews.
I write to the target audience, and ensure content is clear, appropriate, accurate, and complete.
I edit in stages — substantive and stylistic editing, copy editing, proofing.
TranslationI verify the French translation against the English text. I translate from French to English.
Design, ProductionI design and structure content so it is easy to access, use and update.
I use graphics to enhance understanding and impact.
I produce final product for print (using Microsoft Word or InDesign) or for the Web.
TrainingI produce training materials and deliver sessions.
  • I review program methods and tools against sound theories regarding the target group and goals.
  • I ensure that all program materials (proposal, manuals, reports etc.) are accurate, complete and very easy to follow.
  • I promote developmental evaluation to ensure the best use of resources and best outcomes. I help develop evaluation tools (e.g., a logic model) early in the process to help insure inputs are relevant to the goal.
  • I create customized tools to help track input and processes in a way that is easy to update and to share among stakeholders.

And a flexible work style . . .

Can work solo or with collaborators.

Happy to manage contracts at a distance (via email, phone, Skype).

Accommodating for differences in time zones.