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The Ottawa Charter reflects my own criteria in accepting projects. Much to my satisfaction, my work over the years has been anchored in these values.

The Prerequisites for Health
“The fundamental conditions and resources for health are peace, shelter, education, food, income, a stable eco-system, sustainable resources, social justice, and equity. Improvement in health requires a secure foundation in these basic prerequisites.”
— Ottawa Charter

An Overview of My Experience

In-house positions as listed below: (for details see CV EN, FR)

  • Nursing Project Manager, Correctional Service Canada (Term, 2008–2010)
  • Coordinator, Go for Green, Active & Safe Routes to School program (1999–2000)

As a consultant, I have also managed my own business for over 20 years,  managed many of the larger contracts I worked on, and was Coordinator for a pilot project with Osteoporosis Society of Canada (1998–2001).

Project ConceptionI advise on content and best media taking into consideration message, target audience, budget, timeframe etc. I ensure the widest target audience is considered.
ResearchI research for evidence-based content, and conduct literature reviews.
I write to the target audience, and ensure content is clear, appropriate, accurate, and complete.
I edit in stages — substantive and stylistic editing, copy editing, proofing.
TranslationI verify the French translation against the English text. I translate from French to English.
Design, ProductionI design and structure content so it is easy to access, use and update.
I use graphics to enhance understanding and impact.
I produce final product for print (using Microsoft Word or InDesign) or for the Web.
TrainingI produce training materials and deliver sessions.
One reason for doing my MPH was to increase my involvement in program development, implementation and evaluation. Prior to that my experience was as follows:

  • Program development and implementation — As project coordinator I developed tools and materials for two national programs: Active & Safe Routes to School and  osteoporosis prevention for teen girls.
  • Program evaluation — I have assisted in evaluation components of a few previous projects at the national level (osteoporosis prevention for teen girls, national methadone program for convicted persons). I also researched and wrote a chapter on evaluation for an HIV-AIDS education program for WHO-SEARO). I did my MPH practicum with Evaluation Services, PHAC.

  • In-house trainer for Microsoft Word and Excel skills — Correctional Service Canada (2010); Public Health Agency of Canada (2012). Initiated, developed and delivered training for federal government professionals (co-workers), to support publishing activity and program management.
  • Standardized-Patient Trainer — Ottawa Exam Center, Ottawa (1995–1997). Trained Standardized Patients (up to 150) in English and French, in small groups over 4-month periods, for their role-playing participation in Objective Structured Clinical Exams for physicians and physiotherapists.
  • ESL/FLS Teacher (1992–1995). Customized and taught courses; certified as an educational institution by the Minister of Employment and Immigration in 1994.

“Maude’s work was exemplary. … She has shown energy and initiative by doing extensive background research even when it was not part of the requested work. Her curiosity and professional dedication has enabled her to identify problems in the ideas, arguments or documents so that solutions could be considered and found.” — Jennifer Latham, Director, Editorial Services, Office of the Auditor General of Canada
“Thank you for your wonderful ideas, your editing expertise, and your love for children. These qualities have been assets for the review and expansion of Moving and Growing.” — Michelle Matte, Project Manager, Canadian Child Care Fedreation
“The editing help Maude Downey provided was absolutely invaluable.” — Denis J. Protti, BSc, MSc, FACMI, University of Victoria
“The person who corralled all the information into a readable, manageable resource was our editor extraordinaire, Maude Downey. Maude’s commitment to assuring clarity of content is commendable, and her good-natured cajoling facilitated the process. The results are a testimony to her talents.” — Susan Glover Takahashi, Executive Director, The Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulatory Boards
“My very grateful thanks to Maude Downey . . . for her special editorial expertise, warm hospitality, humour and encouragement.” — Sherie Croft, Author

Examples of Clear and Effective Communication

for Health Professionals

Guidelines for a National Methadone Program

Challenge: Ensure all roles know exactly what to do, and when.

Click here for examples. 

for Policy Makers

A series of reports on the nursing labour market

Challenge: Make the data jump off the page. Establish the context.

Click here for examples

for Parents of School Children

A manual for starting a Walking School Bus

Challenge: Use graphics to guide the reader.
Structure information for ease of use.

Click here for example

for Educators of Teen Girls

Program resources for osteoporosis prevention

Challenge: Ensure resources are inclusive and relevant to all contexts.

Click here for examples

Relevant Memberships

Canadian Public Health Association
Canadian Nurses Association
College of Nurses of Ontario
Registered Nurses Association of Ontario
Editors Association of Canada (See my profile)
EcoHealth: International Organization for Ecology and Health
I am also registered with the Government of Canada supplier databases: ProServices and Supplier Information.

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